1.  Wecity is a Benefit Corporation that encourages active and sustainable mobility by stimulating the achievement of socio-environmental goals among citizens and employees through its mobile app used by Public Administrations and companies. The app is able to record the user’s displacements by recognizing the vehicle used thanks to an algorithm, also in intermodal situations, collecting data on the matter. The company is interested in engaging especially in mobility projects focused on emissions’ reduction, or generally in projects where it can make its technology available for the common good of European urban environments. Wecity is seeking an open partnership and partners willing to cooperate on these issues in Italy and across Europe. For further information, please contact: federica.mazzanti@resolve-consulenza.it.

2.  START ROMAGNA is the public transport company of the Romagna region, in Italy, managing a fleet of 585 buses and two ferries in the port of Ravenna. It aims at pursuing a safe and sustainable mobility and at accelerating the energy transition, thus aspiring to invest in less polluting fuels and vehicles. The organization can be the perfect partner for the implementation of pilot actions and technical trials in mobility projects. For this reason, START ROMAGNA seeks open partnerships and partners willing to collaborate on the topics of sustainable urban mobility, greening urban environments, e-mobility and sustainable fuels in Italy and al across Europe. For more information, please contact: federica.mazzanti@resolve-consulenza.it.