We started May with the second LIFE writer’s workshop, continued with a detailed workshop and concluded with a two-day international LIFE networking conference. If you missed our events, you can find all materials our website.

The second week of May was reserved for the second LIFE writer’s workshop, dedicated to preparation of actions, identification and addressing risks, and the EU added value. The latter theme was presented by Mr. Aleksander Golob, who used to be an evaluator of project proposals from the priority area Nature and biodiversity, submitted to the LIFE call. This time, the workshop was performed twice, and a total of 46 potential applicants participated. All materials, presentations, videos and photos from the event are available on the event’s website.

A week later we presented the current LIFE 2017 Call at the LIFE detailed environmental workshop in Bled, attended by 26 potential applicants. At the workshop, the LIFE team first presented the novelties of this year’s call and the process of completing the project application. This was followed by a presentation of the concept of a close-to-market project, given by Mr. Nikolaj Pečenko, Slovenian monitor of LIFE projects. Finally, two other projects were presented. The Spanish ongoing project, LIFE Baqua, is developing new products in the plastic industry using fibers derived from waste plant material from banana plantations. In addition to the coordinator of the project, the University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, the Slovenian partner in the project, Ambi-Metalplast, presented his experience. As second, a Slovenian company Arhel presented the already completed project LIFE Stop CyanoBloom, which they performed in cooperation with the Municipality of Bled and the National Institute of Biology. The short presentation continued by the Bled lake, where the boat, developed in the project, was presented.

We concluded May with the international LIFE networking conference entitled “Environment needs LIFE for the next 25 years”, which was held on 25 and 26 May 2017. The first day was dedicated to marking the 25th anniversary of the LIFE programme and the Habitats Directive and networking with the aim of creating new partnerships for successfully solving environmental problems for another 25 years. The first day programme included a review of past achievements through the introductory panels. The round table and the project café with the international LIFE fair presented the opportunity for networking, while the presentation of various tools for applicants and project implementers in the final part were intended primarily for the future strengthening of LIFE projects. The complete program with conclusions and materials is available on the conference website.

We will continue with educational activities in June. We are preparing the third writer’s workshop, which will be held on June 13, 2017 in Ljubljana. We especially recommend the participation to 2017 applicants, since financial structure of the LIFE projects will be presented.