At the beginning of the week, the LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia project team hosted the head of LIFE programme, Mr. Angelo Salsa. The aim of two-day visit was to present some Slovenian LIFE projects and to obtain first-hand information on the preparation of both traditional and integrated LIFE projects.

Angelo Salsi is the head of the LIFE and CIP Eco-innovation unit at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), which is responsible for the implementation of the LIFE programme. His visit thus represents to the Ministry a confirmation for successful implementation of the LIFE capacity building project and the successful operation of the LIFE national contact point, and encouragement to Slovenia to continue acquiring funds and implementing successful LIFE projects.

The first day of the visit, on November 26, 2018, was reserved for the visit and presentation of LIFE projects carried out in Kočevska. The first stop was on Turjak where project dynamic traffic signs and sound discouragers were set up within the project LIFE DINAL BEAR in order to reduce collisions of vehicles and wild animals. The action was presented by the representative of Eurofins ERICo, the project partner responsible for carrying out the activity. The next stop was in Kočevska Reka, where we visited Eagle’s Room and Eagle’s didactic path along Reško Lake, both set in the project LIFE Kočevsko. In the Eagle’s room, the project partners briefly presented the project LIFE Kočevsko, followed by a visit to the observation post Polotok near Reško Lake and an observation of the White-tailed eagle’s nest. On the way to Kostel, the final stop, we took a quick look of bear-proof garbage containers (the LIFE DINALP BEAR project) and the street containers for e-waste (the LIFE E-waste governance project). In Kostel we met two representatives of the Slovenian Forest Service, the leading partner of the projects LIFE DINALP BEAR and LIFE Lynx. First, we listened to the presentation of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project and saw bear-proof containers and composters, followed by the presentation of the project LIFE Lynx and screening of the documentary “Path of the Lynx”.

The second day of the visit was reserved for three working meetings and a visit of the project LIFE E-waste governance. Mr. Salsi was first received by Jure Leben, the Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Second meeting was held with the representatives of the Environment Directorate’s units who are eligible for the implementation of integrated LIFE projects. Mr. Salsi presented them the aim and logic of integrated projects and provided key information on their preparation. Last meeting was reserved for Slovenian applicants, whose concept notes successfully passed the first stage of the selection at this year’s LIFE call. The meeting enabled them to gain additional information and advice on the preparation of the full proposal. A two-day visit was concluded with a visit to the project E-waste governance implemented by ZEOS, including a display of the mobile e-waste collector and a brief presentation of the project.