Invasives on the move is the title of the educational film, which was prepared in the LIFE ARTEMIS project. The aim of the film is to draw attention to the problem of invasive alien species in Slovenia and to present measures for prevention of their spreading.

The purpose of the LIFE ARTEMIS project is not only to raise awareness of both the expert and the general public about the problem of invasive alien species in the forest, but above all to introduce new measures that will contribute to the preservation of our forests. In the project, they carry out a number of activities, from trainings of volunteers, preparation of various manuals to actions for removal of non-native species. Among other things, they have also prepared a film in which, besides the problem itself, they present a system that will detect new species as soon as possible after their arrival and start with removal measures. They also warn of new species that are yet to come or are in the early stages of expansion.

On the YouTube channel of the LIFE ARTEMIS project, you can also find other short films representing the use of the Invazivka application to communicate discoveries of alien species.