LIFE International Conference for networking was successfully completed, for which we have to thank all of you, who contributed to the realization of the programme:
– Irena Majcen, the minister of the environment and spatial planning, for the introductory words;
– Jean-Claude Merciol, mag. Tanja Bolte, dr. Peter Skoberne, Stefania Betti, Frederico Benvenuti, dr. Darij Krajčič, dr. Primož Simončič, mag. Nataša Šalaja, Nikolina Petković Gregorić, dr. Mitja Kaligarič and mag. Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek for active participation in the introductory panels and roundtables;
– the projects and organizations that presented their work at LIFE international networking fair;
– Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia, which provided the venue for the event
– and last but not least, all participants who joined us from Austria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Once again thank you very much for celebrating with us the 25 years of the LIFE programme and contributing to the creation of new partnerships for the future LIFE projects. What we achieved with the conference, you can read in the conclusions (video).

LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia project team


European Union House, Dunajska cesta 20,  Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome speech (video):

Irena Majcen, Minister, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Jean-Claude Merciol, Head LIFE Programme Unit, Directorate-General for the Environment (European Commission)

Introductory panels: Quarter of Century of LIFE Environmental impacts (video):

Jean-Claude Merciol, Head LIFE Programme Unit, Directorate-General for the Environment (European Commission) – presentation
mag. Tanja Bolte, Director General, Environmental Directorate, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning – presentation
dr. Peter Skoberne, Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning – presentation
Stefania Betti and Federico Benvenuti, Italian LIFE NCP, Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea/TA Sogesid S.p.A. – presentation

Coffee breakProject Café with international LIFE fair (video – what did participants say about the Project Café)

The coffee break served as the main networking event, enabling the participants to get to know each other and exchange contacts. Since the project Café was accompanied by the international LIFE fair, participants had a chance to get first-hand information on projects of their interest directly from benficiaries. At the fair 34 LIFE projects from four member states were presented.

Round-table discussion “Europe needs LIFE for the next 25 years” (video):

dr. Darij Krajčič, director, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation
dr. Primož Simončič, director, Slovenian Forestry Institute
mag. Nataša Šalaja, Head of  Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia
Nikolina Petković Gregorić, Croatian LIFE NCP, Ministry of Environment and Energy
mag. Julijana Lebez Lozej, Secretary, Slovenian LIFE NCP, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Round table moderator:  Mrs. Špela Polak

First Aid for applicants and beneficiaries of LIFE projects (video):

dr. Mitja Kaligarič – LIFE programme monitor, NEEMO – presentation
Marjetka Šemrl Dos Reis, Senior Adviser, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning – presentation
mag. Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek – project coordinator, project LIFE+ SloWolf – presentation

Škocjanski zatok nature reserve, Sermin 50, Koper, Slovenia

The second day of the conference was reserved for a visit of best practice example in Slovenia. We visited Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve. Part of the restoration actions in the nature reserve were cofinanced by the European Commission through LIFE programme. Firstly representative of the beneficiary BirdLife Slovenia, mag. Nataša Šalaja, presented the LIFE project Restoring and conserving habitats and birds in Škocjanski zatok NR (LIFE00 NAT/SLO/007226) and further activities in the nature reserve. Afterwards a guided tour of the reserve was available for the partcipants.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in the framework of the project LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia (LIFE14 CAP/SI/000012).