While European Commission is already preparing a new LIFE call, the applicants of LIFE Call 2016 are just being notified of the results. And for this year applicants to have more time, the Call 2017 is planned to be published already in April.

LIFE Call 2017

European Commission is planning to publish the LIFE Call 2017 on the 28th April 2017. Additionally they prepared and indicative planning for the Call so applicants can have a rough guide to the expected deadlines. Similar to previous years, also this year application packages and supporting information will be available once ready.


Project type Subprogramme / priority objective Deadline
Traditional Projects Climate Action ( LIFE Climate Change Mitigation; LIFE Climate Change Adaptation; LIFE Climate Governance and Information) 07.9.2017
Environment (ENV – Environment and Resource Efficiency) 12.9.2017
Environment (NAT – Nature and Biodiversity) 14.9.2017
Environment (GIE – Environmental Governance and Information) 14.9.2017
Preparatory Projects Environment 20.9.2017
Integrated Projects – first phase Environment; Climate Action 26.9.2017
Integrated Projects – second phase Environment; Climate Action Mid-March 2018

LIFE Call 2016

The evaluation process of the 2016 proposals is slowly reaching the next phase; therefore the EASME is foreseeing the following indicative dates for the next steps:

  • Letter to the applicants informing them on the results of the evaluation: February and March 2017;
  • Start of the revision phase for the pre-selected proposals: March-May 2017;
  • Signature of grant agreements: June-July 2017.