At the 25th anniversary of the LIFE programme, the best LIFE projects for the entire duration of the programme will be selected. Among the finalists in the priority area Nature and Biodiversity is also Slovenian project LIFE + SloWolf. You can also contribute to their victory by voting through the Facebook page of the LIFE programme. Voting is open until 10 May 2017.

Every year the European Commission chooses the best LIFE projects, finalized previous year. At this year’s 25th anniversary of the LIFE programme, the best LIFE projects in last 25 years will be awarded. On the basis of a number of criteria (including the sustainability of the project results and the effects of the project both at the national and international level), the Commission has already selected five finalists for each field, of which only two projects will be awarded – a total of six awarded projects. Also you can participate in the decision, which projects are the best, by voting. You can vote on LIFE programme’s Facebook page, where also descriptions of each project are available. The projects with the higher number of votes will receive the “Best of the Best” Award. Voting is open until 10 May 2017.

The LIFE+ SloWolf project

The project LIFE + SloWolf – Conservation and surveillance of the conservation status of the wolf (Canis lupus) population in Slovenia was the first large-scale project on wolves in Slovenia carried out collaboratively by partners from the University of Ljubljana, the Slovenia Forest Service and the Society for the Conservation, Research and Sustainable Development of the Dinaric Alps – Dinaricum. In the four years (2010-2013), numerous project activities for the long-term conservation of wolf population, its main prey and habitats in Slovenia were implemented. Among others, a large number of volunteers participated in the wolf population monitoring activities, such as howling and winter tracking. Methods for preventing wolf damage on livestock were tested and the first Action Plan for the Conservation of Wolves in Slovenia (for the period 2013-2017) was prepared. To learn more about the project and visit their activities in the future, visit the project website and like their Facebook page.

The European Commission has already confirmed twice that the project was successful and its results are still live. The first time, the project was listed as the finalist of the best LIFE projects in 2014 and now is listed among the fifteen best LIFE projects of all 25 years of the LIFE program. You are invited to support the project with your vote.