Ulični zbiralniki

ZEOS d. o. o., a company for treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment, is launching street collectors of e-waste and waste batteries on 26th August in Murska Sobota, which was carried out in collaboration with the waste disposal company Saubermacher – Unite Murska Sobota.

The project “LIFE E-WASTE GOVERNANCE” with the slogan E-cikliraj (E-cycle) is GIE LIFE project,cofinanced by European Commission and the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. By promoting the separation of e-waste and waste batteries, ZEOS is continuing and upgrading their previous LIFE project “Slovenian WEEE campaign“. It is focused on intensive and continuous raising awareness of users and consumers of e-devices and batteries on the necessity of their separation and of negative impacts on the environment and human health in case of their inappropriate disposal.

Maskota projekta

One of the project’s aims is to establish an infrastructural network in Slovenia for the most simple and affordable segregation of e-waste and waste batteries. Therefore one of main project activities is placement of street collectors all over Slovenia. Currently there are 36 collectors available for use. Launch of new collectors will take place on 26th August in Murska Sobota and will be accompanied by the awareness raising event “Street Eaters on the march in Murska Sobota“.