LIFE ARTEMIS project team invites everybody, who would like to participate in the project as a volunteer, to participate in a short survey. 

Project LIFE ARTEMIS – Awareness Raising, Training and Measures on Invasive alien Species in forests is a project in the priority area Environmental Governance and Information, whose main objective is to contribute to reducing the negative impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity by raising the awareness of the public and establishing an effective system for early warning and rapid response (EWRR) for non-native species in the forest. The establishment of such system is necessary if we want to detect alien species as soon as possible after its occurrence and take prompt action to limit their dispersal. Besides professionals from the field of forestry, nature conservation and plant protection the system will include also volunteers. Therefore the project team is inviting everybody, especially those who spend a lot of time outdoors and like to observe nature, to participate in their short online survey (in Slovene), which will available until 5th December 2016. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the public’s willingness to participate in the EWRR system.

Additional information on volunteering: volunteers in the EWRR system will not have a permanent assignment. In order to be able to recognize alien species, specific trainings will be held for participants in autumn 2017, where they will learn to recognize alien species. The focus will be on those alien species that are locally already present in Slovenia or in the neighbouring countries and are likely to spread into Slovenian forests. The task of the volunteers will be to pay attention on the presence of alien species during their usual walks in the nature and report any findings in the information system, which will be developed within the project LIFE ARTEMIS.