Warmly invted to a closure conference of the LIFE ReSoil project – Demonstration of innovative soil washing technology for removal of toxic metals from highly contaminated garden soil. The closure conference will take place on 4th and 5th October 2018 in Ljubljana and at demonstration plant in Prevalje.

On the first day of the conference 19 lectures will be given from Slovenian and foreign experts, presenting results from the field of soil pollution, covering the topics from the importance of soil, soil contamination in Slovenia to safety of the food produced on contaminated soils and various remediation technologies. A special section will be devoted to the test results of soil, remediated with innovative soil wash technology. The conference represents an excellent opportunity for all the relevant stakeholders to find their interlocutors for their field and thus answers to their questions. Lectures will be held at ENVIT d.o.o. (Tržaška 330, Ljubljana).

On the second day, you are invited to the opening of a demonstration facility for innovative technology. You will be able to visit the plant that allows remediation and a demonstration garden, on which various vegetables grow on both original and remediated soils. The facility is located in Prevalje, and free transfer from Ljubljana will be organized.

Registration to the conference has to be sent to e-mail address tinkara.rozina@envit.si.

The conference programme