Project acronym: LIFE IP NATURA.SI
Project reference: LIFE17 IPE/SI/000011
Year of financing: 2017
Priority area: Nature & Biodiversity
Project title (SL): Trajnostno upravljanje z vodami v industriji z veliko porabo vode
Coordinating beneficiary: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Start date: 05.09.2018
End date: 31.12.2026
Layman's report: /

Nature in Slovenia is among the most luscious in European Union. Natura 2000 sites cover about 37% of the county’s territory due to which we hold the first place in European Union as regards the proportion of territory. Nature in Slovenia is in a slightly better state than the European average. However, despite the protection, the level of endangeredness of some species and natural habitats is increasing – a similar trend is being detected in other parts of European Union.

LIFE Integrated Project for Enhanced Management of Natura 2000 in Slovenia (LIFE-IP NATURA.SI) is managed by Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in cooperation with 14 partners. The project predominantly aims at enhancing the management of Natura 2000 in Slovenia in cooperation with various sectors and stakeholders. Additionally to the improvements at state level, partners of the project are also going to carry out concrete operations in the field in 8 Natura 2000 sites. The activities are going to include preventing the land from becoming overgrown, eradication of invasive alien species, restoration and maintenance of a favorable status of water bodies etc. LIFE-IP NATURA.SI project is co-financed by European Union from the LIFE Programme funds, by Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and by partners.

In order to enhance the management of the Natura 2000 network, cross-sectoral cooperation is going to be strengthened and stakeholders are going to be included. Within the scope of the project, Natura 2000 Management Program (PUN 2021-2027) is going to be updated, basis for the national monitoring system established and cooperation among nature protection, forestry, agriculture, and water services strengthened.


Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Center for cartography of flora and fauna

Slovenian Water Agency

Slovenian Forestry Institute

Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia

Agriculture and Forestry Institute Ptuj

Agriculture and Forestry Institute Ljubljana

Agriculture and Forestry Institute Nova Gorica

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

National Institute of Biology

Štirna, Institute for sustainable solutions

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology

Slovenia Forest Service

Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia

Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

Total Project Budget: 17.007.204  €
EU commission:  10,2 milijona €