Project acronym: LIFE ClimatePath2050
Project reference: LIFE16 GIC/SI/000043
Year of financing: 2016
Priority area: Climate Governance & Information
Project title (SL): Slovenska podnebna pot do sredine stoletja
Coordinating beneficiary: Institut »Jožef Stefan«, Center za energetsko učinkovitost
Start date: 15/06/2017
End date: 14/06/2021
Layman's report: LIFE16_GIC_SI_000043-ENG.pdf

Slovenia is a part of the  international community with a mission to prevent negative consequences of climate changes  and to hold the rise of average temperature below 2°C.  »LIFE ClimatePath2050« is designed to monitor the progress and plan further climate actions to reduce  green house gasses (GHG) in building, traffic, industry, agriculture, waste and forestry sector.

The project builds on the development and improvement of the established system for climate projections and climate action monitoring. The goal of 4 year project is to contribute to climate changes mitigation by setting up a decision support system, which will enable Slovenia to set up its own goal of reducing GHG emissions by 2050 and to contribute to the international goal to hold the temperature rise.

Working closely with policy makers, the project will ensure wider, easier and better usage of analytical data in the decision making and climate policies planning, as well as monitoring and transferring results to the local level. Different scenarios for reducing GHG to achieve target goals will be developed, together with advanced climate action implementation and monitoring. Three annual Climate action Mirrors-reporting packages will be prepared. The annual release on the Mirror will be organized as the main national climate action monitoring event packages will be prepared and will represent the main national climate action monitoring event.

A local action scoreboard for municipalities will be set up to enable monitoring of climate actions at the local level. Chosen indicators will show progress and monitor measures. The application will help monitor climate policies and actions as well as share best practices and exchange ideas among municipalities.

Specific/operational project objectives:

  • Preparation of long term GHG projections up to 2050 for different alternative scenarios with additional climate mitigation measures and to assess and compare their impact on the  Mid century climate strategy which has to be drafted by the state by 2020
  • To transfer the results to the local level
  • To upgrade the system for tracking the progress of climate changes mitigation actions: increase accessibility and usage of analytical data for measure improvements, to improve national and international reporting
  • Enable and organize mutual work with decision makers

Applicant: The Jožef Stefan Institute
 ELEK d.o.o., ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute, The Institute for Economic Research, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia,  PNZ svetovanje projektiranje, d.o.o.,  Slovenian Forestry Institute
Co-financer: European Commission (LIFE)Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP)

Total budget: 1,722,795 €
EU contribution: 1,029,175 €