razpisna-dokumentacijaIn order to help applicants with the preparation of proposals for LIFE Action Grants, one of the actions of project LIFE Capacity Building is translation of the main documents of LIFE Call 2016 application packages for traditional projects.

For the LIFE Call 2016 European Commission prepared application packages, which contain full and detailed explanations regarding eligibility, procedures, co-financing rates and all other relevant details. To prepare a good project proposal all applicants must read the following documents of application packages for traditional projects: Guidelines for Applicants, Guide for Evaluation of Project Proposals, Model Grant Agreement and Performance indicators. Until now these documents were available only in English language, therefore we had translated the main documents to Slovenian language in order to additionally help applicants. The translations are available in the section Uporabne povezave in gradiva.


WARNING: Slovenian translations are not official, so in the case of obscurity and inconsistencies between Slovenian and English versions please refer to the original, English version.