Terms of use


Owner and manager of the web portal Life Slovenia (hereinafter: portal) is the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (hereinafter referred to as the manager).
The manager reserves the right to change the content of a web portal without prior notice.
By accepting the general conditions the user agrees with the use and processing of the personal and other data for the purpose of the portal.
The manager is obliged to use this information only for the purpose for which they were obtained.
The contents published on the website do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.


The purpose of the portal is to inform interested public about the LIFE program. Portal is also designed for networking of existing and potential applicants, partners and other participants in the LIFE projects. Data entered upon registration to the portal, subscription to newsletter or events are saved by the system. Unsubscribing from newsletter is possible at any time by clicking on the words “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of e-mail. All profile data entered in the portal at registration or later are fully under the control of the user who can change them at any time. The profile can be deleted by the user at any time by selecting “Delete profile” button. By registration in to the portal the user agrees, that data entered are visible to general public. Contact details, description of the organization and experiences are visible only to registered portal users. All contents in the forum, which is an integral part of the portal, are visible to general public. Active participation in the forum is possible only for registered users.


Personal information is protected in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA-1, Official Gazette of the Republic Slovenia, no. 94/2007). With the registration to the portal the user agrees, that manager can use contact details to send notifications, invitations and messages related to the LIFE program. Data entered in to the portal by users will not be forwarded or transferred to third parties or institutions, unless this is justified by the purpose of the portal and in the cases stipulated by the law. Given the detailed arrangements of protection of personal data, the provisions of the protection of personal data on the state portal RS shall be used.


All information in this portal is public information, unless provided otherwise. All information included or available on this website may be changed at any time without notice. Criminal and civil liability of manager for factual and legal defects in the information is fully excluded. Manager is not liable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience that may arise from the use of any incorrect or inaccurate information on the portal. Disclaimer content may be changed at any time without prior notice and user consent.


Every registration refers to the general conditions. These conditions are also published on the website. It is therefore considered that a user who uses the system is familiar with and fully accepts the general conditions before the registration.


By entering in to the portal, the user agrees to use the portal in an appropriate and lawful manner. User may not:

  • use the portal for unlawful conduct or encourage others to illegal activities;
  • publish any discriminatory, humiliating, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwise illegal or inappropriate content;
  • use this portal for impersonation;
  • add contents containing computer viruses, Trojan horses or other similar computer codes, files or programs that may alter, damage or interfere with the functionality of websites, software, computer hardware or any third party with access to these sites;
  • send to the portal, transmit through e-mail or in any other way transfer content, without having a legal basis for transfer;
  • change, damage or delete any content, delivered or contained on this portal (with the exception of content that is entered by the user himself);
  • intentionally disturb or interrupt the normal flow of communication in any direction between users and manager;
  • without authorization refer to a business connection or present/represent as any business entity, entity or other organization;
  • submit or publish unclaimed advertising, promotional or similar harassing contents;
  • publish content that violets or infringes intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • collect or store data about other users of this portal. Manager can temporary prohibit or permanently prevent access and use of this portal to any user without warning, if it considers that terms of use were violated or there was any other illegal behaviour or behaviour that harms to the third parties. Banned users will no longer be able to access the portal as registered users. The manager will use all the necessary means and measures to implement this ban.