In March we will perform the first workshop from the series of three LIFE writer’s workshops. Each will cover a specific part of the application preparation process. Additionally there will be several short presentations of LIFE programme for companies that will take place all over Slovenia.

In order to improve the quality of Slovenian applications and consequently increase the success rate of Slovenian applicants at obtaining LIFE grants we organize LIFE writer’s workshops. There will be a series of three workshops complementing one another so it is recommended to attend all three. At the first workshop the participants will learn how to define environmental problem, determine objectives and expected results and finally identify stakeholders and target audiences. The workshop will take place on 7th march in Ljubljana.

One of the main objectives of the project LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia is to improve the efficiency of Slovenia at the implementation of the LIFE programme. To achieve it, we need to not only increase the number of LIFE applications but also their quality. One step is increasing the recognisability of the programme among Slovenian organisations and encouraging potential applicants to prepare a LIFE project through general informative workshops for different target audiences. Thus we already organized a LIFE workshop for local communities and LIFE Information Days. Next month we are organizing in collaboration with development agencies LIFE workshops for companies, which will be held throughout Slovenia.